Plastic vs eco

Plastic vs eco
4 Mar 2019
Category Eco planning

This argument is very dear to our heart as our houses are becoming submerged by plastic items which are soon ignored by the kids and find a quick way to the bin...

Plastic party gifts:

Pros - inexpensive, vibrantly colourful, easy to find.

Cons - often toxic:
a very short life span: the interest in the toy lasts very little, it breaks easily and ends up thrown in the bin very quickly:
non-recyclable and non-biodegradable:  after disposal they will take up to 200 years to decompose and turn into micro plastic that ends up in our food chain;
these toys are often produced in developing countries where labour is often exploited;
due to their small cost, they have a very high consumption rate.

Eco-friendly party gifts:

Pros - promotion of creative play;
durable and reusable: good wooden or wool toys can be passed down through generations;
made of high quality materials;
non toxic;
beautiful to the touch and the sight;
entirely compostable and biodegradable;
minimal compostable packaging.

Cons - some biodegradable material is more susceptible to the elements and more likely to be damaged by water, or common cleaning products;
hard to find and often more expensive!

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