Busy Bee Eco Party is Elisabetta's and Cassandra's little dream...

Busy Bee Eco party is a small and local business that we started in December 2018 with the wish to improve, at least a little bit, the world around us.

Who are we

We are Cassandra and Elisabetta , two very good friends whose friendship , as often it happens, started thanks to our children and genuinely grew stronger by the day. Here few words to introduce ourselves to you: 
I am a mother of three beautiful kids, who are my source of inspiration and my reason to want a better world; I am a corporate lawyer and a very good friend of Cassandra.

Cassandra : 
I am a mother of triplets. I have a degree in environmental conservation and recently retrained as a geography high school teacher. I have met Elisabetta by chance and found a friend and a treasure!
We both live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney and, inspired by the desire to preserve the astounding nature around us, this is where we started our Eco venture.


Strolling in one of the beautiful artisans markets in the Northern Beaches, and discussing the latest birthday parties we attended with our respective families, we realised how much plastic waste often is created both in small family parties and in professional events. We also noticed that , although we try to reduce the use of single use plastic items in our households , it is fairly difficult and time consuming to find beautiful yet affordable eco party products.

We thought that it should be made easy to find simple, elegant, functional and affordable alternatives to single use plastic, and thus Busy Bee Eco Party was born.

Our online store is a place to easily find affordable and sustainable products for your celebrations.