Welcome to Busy Bee Eco Party

Welcome to Busy Bee Eco Party
22 Nov 2018
Category Eco planning
We are so pleased to announce that we are finally open. Thank you to all the friends and family that supported us in this journey, and in particular to Cassy’s brother Fabio and his staff Mario and Arianna that helped us with our website and to Elisabetta’s cousin Ulla for the pictures.  

After long hours working on our idea of how to keep up great parties while reducing waste, researching the most sustainable suppliers and creating this website, we are happy to be now open for business and we invite you to visit our website.

We would like you to feel at home in our space: feel free to use any of our services and to provide suggestions and get inspiration on how to plan an eco-friendly party on our blog.

Although Busy Bee Eco Party sells eco sustainable products, we would like to be faithful to our original idea that the best way to reduce waste is to reduce consumption. We really believe that the less we consume, the better it is for our environment:  we selected very carefully our products and we consciously decided to limit our offer to what we think is beautiful, affordable and entirely biodegradable and chemical free, safer for you and for the Planet.
We encourage you to buy only what you really need: often it is enough a simple idea to organize a beautiful and elegant event.

That's all for now, hope you like our e-shop, come back as we will keep adding nice, affordable and eco friendly products and ideas.

Reduce waste one party at time!

Elisabetta and Cassandra



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