'BEE' eco this Valentine

'BEE' eco this Valentine
9 Feb 2019
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What better occasion than Valentine's day there is to spread love among family and friends.
However, with an estimated 1 billion Valentine's Day cards sent worldwide, 36 million boxes of chocolates and countless flowers given each year, we believe it's important to find a better way to tell someone that you love and appreciate their presence in your life.'Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.' - Henry David Thoreau

Here few suggestions for a more sustainable Valentine:

• Hand written card
Nothing says I love you like the actual words, written down on paper. Getting love notes on Valentine’s Day is an age-old tradition, and hand-writing is very romantic: write by hand those sweet words or a poem into a delightful card made of recycled paper. Or write a long list of all the things you love about the person. Everyone from your children to your friends, parents and partners will appreciate the extra thought and personal touch
much more.

• Homemade Kid's Cards
If your kids have the tradition to give a Valentine's Day card to every child in their classroom, help them make their own out of recycled paper.

• Adopt an Animal
If your Valentine loves animals, instead of buying a stuffed animal, it could be an extraordinary gift to offer a real animal!
Conservation societies, zoos and animal protection
organisations run animal adoption campaigns throughout the year and it would be a perfect way to make a difference together.

• Essential oils instead of perfume
Try to find an essential oil that reminds you of him/her. At Busy Bee Eco party we thought to create a special Valentine bag with a bracelet of lava stone whose natural porosity is ideal for retaining the perfume of essential oils and releasing it slowly during the day, please check out our website:

• When choosing flowers
Choose potted plants and local whenever possible. Or you can show your love with flowers made of felt or paper: the time you spend to make your felt or paper flowers will tell a lot about how much you care about the person receiving your gift.

• Chocolate love…Keep It Raw
avoid refined sugars and processed sweets and look into raw chocolate which
is a pure, whole food that delivers health benefits as well as

• Something unique
Plant a tree together to symbolise your relationship's strength and endurance. Place a list of all the things you love about each other under its roots.

• A Massage…and a Romantic Bath
Sometimes, the most romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is just to relax with a long massage followed by a candle light bath for two. Offer your Valentine and yourself a massage or why not try one of our homemade bath bombs (https://www.busybeeecoparty.com.au/product-details/party-favours/bath-bomb-with-hidden-gem/), inside which you can hide a small gem or a heart pendant
to surprise your Valentine.

Because it's Sexy Being Eco!

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